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About the Company
We have extensive experience in the fields of District Cooling, Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC), District Energy, Building Systems & Services, Thermal Energy Storage and Low Temperature Refrigeration. We provide Consulting, Engineering Services, Project Management, Construction Management and Training services in these and other markets.
With more than 300,000TR of global cooling and refrigeration experience, and the successful implementation of some of the largest plants in the world, Saville Energy Consultancy can be trusted to meet your needs.
About Paul M. Saville  
Eur.Ing. Paul M. Saville BSc. (Hon), C. Eng., M.I.Mech.E

Paul has more than 30 years of global project management and engineering experience in Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC), District Cooling, Low Temperature Refrigeration, District Energy, and Power Generation applications.

Paul’s international expertise has made him a major player in the implementation of TIAC and District Cooling Plants globally including the United States of America, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

He has extensive experience in Operations Management, Project Management, and Engineering providing critical reviews for project deliverables in order to mitigate technical and delivery risk and ensure successful completion of projects.

Paul earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The City University in London, England. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (M.I.Mech.E) and member of the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI).